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Work Package 7

To ensure the coordination and strategic management of the project:

WP7.1 : Coordination tasks (NAVOCAP)

The project coordination is based on a fully dedicated work by  NAVOCAP.

WP7.2 : Technical management of the project (NAVOCAP)

The technical management consists in meeting the project objective and sub-objectives. Technical management tasks include:

  1. Management of the technical tasks of the Work Package level.
  2. Assessment and management of risks every three months.
  3. Management of the deliverable production, in line with the consortium agreement and the EC contract.

WP7.3: Strategic management of the project (NAVOCAP)

The strategic management consists in relating the consortium RTD activity orientations beyond the end of the project:

  • Periodic validation of the consortium RTD targets (at least twice over the project duration) as described in the future consortium agreement.
  • Management of the entry of new partners or the withdrawal of the existing partners.
  • Adjustments of the development trajectory in case of unforeseen events detected by a continuous surveillance of the project environment.
  • Production and validation of the exploitation plans, in line with the business perspectives as described in the consortium agreement.