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Work Package 6

NAVOCAP will lead this WP dealing with the conditions for a successful business model, the dissemination of the project results towards scientific community and major European associations of visually impaired people.

A project website will be developed, giving periodic information of the project, events, publications, and so on.

This WP is divided in 3 parts:

WP6.1 Participation to the Galileo forum (VICOMTECH)

The aim of this effort  is to disseminate the advance and the results of this project. Therefore the main actions are the following:

  • Participation on Galileo Forum
  • Development and publications (leaflets, conference papers) for public relation
  • Development of presentations for conferences and workshops
  • Participation to international conferences
  • Organization of a workshop for participants in other related projects
  • Participation in up to 4 workshops organized by other projects
  • Support to ad-hoc meetings and reporting with the GSA
  • Provision of ad-hoc support to FP7 coordinators in its communication with the specialized press or scientific community on the outcomes of the project

WP6.2 Link with users associations (FTS/NAVOCAP)

The objectives of this task are:

  • To disseminate information about the project, its objectives and results
  • To promote the use of PERNASVIP navigation system among potential end-users (EPICURE, RETINA France, Valentin HAUY et de la Fédération des aveugles de France, ONCE)

In addition, Pre-release and Release Data sheets will be produced and presented in order to have the future users be aware of the arrival of the product.

WP6.3 Exploitation plan (NAVOCAP)

Conditions and strategy for the commercial deployment of the project results will be addressed.