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Work Package 4

VICOMTech will lead this WP aiming at developing a service platform allowing the visually impaired to prepare their itinerary from home, participate to the users’ community, access to technical assistance and subscribe to the service.

This WP is divided in 2 parts :

WP4.1 Back - office: route creation at the end-users home (NKUA)

The objective is to develop the HMI and the journey planner. With the HMI the users will be able to fill in a form with their origin, their destination, the required departure and arrival times and some additional parameters related to their specific needs.

WP4.2 Web service platform (VICOMTech)

This WP will create a user-friendly website with simple web pages, text-based content and accessible technologies such as large font sizes adapted to the visually impaired. The web site will fulfil the standards described in Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). The website will also need to support the exchange of data between the user and the server such as journey information entries and itinerary calculation. A platform (web or return channel from the mobile device) that will allow the users to register, fill in their account details and store personal locations and personal journeys and experiences will be implemented.