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Work Package 2

In order to improve the existing prototype, it will be needed:
· To develop a specific software on the A-GPS server to interface EDAS server and so recovering ionospheric corrections and satellites ephemeris.
· To develop specific EGNOS / EDAS data treatment filters and algorithms
· To adapt an existing ‘text-to-speech’ recognition system to the proposed application

This WP is divided in 2 parts:

WP2.1 EGNOS / EDAS data treatment algorithms (NAVOCAP)

The aim of this subWP is to process ephemeris and ionospheric corrections data provided by EGNOS and GALILEO signals in order to improve the integrity and the availability of positioning information.

WP2.2 Automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech adaptation (VICOMTech/FTS)

The objective of this subWP related to speech technology is twofold:

· To implement and adapt the speech-recognition software allowing the user to make verbal requests.

· To implement a text-to-speech software which will describe the itinerary and adapt it in the required languages.