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Work Package 5

The objective is to involve pilot cities, pilot public transport operators and 30 visually impaired associations’ members in order to test PERNASVIP navigation system in real conditions, evaluate the device and analyze the users’ satisfaction.

This WP is divided in 3 parts:

WP5.1 Toulouse demonstration (NAVOCAP)

A 3-month test in a French pilot city, Grand Toulouse will be carried out in collaboration with SMTC and TISSEO TRU as the pilot transport operator and visually impaired groups and corporations.

WP5.2 Guipúzcoa demonstration (VICOMTech)

A 3-month test in the Guipúzcoa Spanish province will be carried out in collaboration with Guipúzcoan Authority of Transport as pilot transport operator. The demonstration phases will follow the same steps as in Toulouse.

WP5.3 Assessment of service performance and users’ satisfaction (NAVOCAP)

NAVOCAP will feed the results of the two case studies into a global assessment study. This assessment will aim at validating PERNASVIP navigation system in terms of technical performances and users’ acceptance.