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Within PERNASVIP, the existing NAVOCAP receiver will be improved through the integration of EGNOS / GALILEO capabilities to reduce the Time to first fix to less than 15 seconds and to enable a 4-meter location positioning accuracy in 95% cases.

The embedded equipment is composed of 3 modules: a central unit, a holster and a tie module:

Mobile Device


The central unit integrates the power supply, all the computation and radio communication resources and Man Machine Interface (MMI) elements.

The holster hooked on the user’s belt integrates MEMS sensors bear the central unit.

The tie module includes the GNSS receiver and the acoustic Man Machine Interface.

The embedded equipment has the size of a PDA and to weigh approximately 300 grams. The battery autonomy allow for 8 hours use.

An open earphone will allow the users to listen oral messages without occulting ambient sound.

Thanks to a text-to-speech application, the users hear in real time the direction to adopt and therefore walk more confidently through the city. The users can also give vocal command to the mobile device with automatic speak recognition application.

Together with routing instructions, the portable device will also upload a 400m width “map corridor” surrounding the proposed trajectory. Consequently, slight changes in the itinerary can easily be taken into account. In case of destination change, users will be invited to contact the assistance platform.
New instructions and mapping information will be sent by GPRS to their portable device.